"OUR QUALITY POLICY Sertsan Civata, fasteners in the production of fasteners without sacrificing quality production, national and international standards to ensure compliance with the aim of providing appropriate services to customers with the aim to meet the demands and expectations of continuous development aims.

In this context;
focosing on customer satisfaction with an effective communication throughout the organization, To follow the technological developments in order to achieve success and to make continuous innovations in this direction,
To continuously increase the competence levels of our employees through training programs planned to produce products of appropriate quality,
To ensure the participation of all employees in the improvement of production processes,
Prevent mistakes before risk occurs and take necessary measures to prevent mistakes from occurring with a risk-oriented approach, zero error philosophy and proactive policies,
To carry out studies to measure and increase the performance of the quality management system,
We commit to ensure continuous improvement of the quality management system in accordance with legal and other conditions,

Sertsan Civata; The Company aims to provide the necessary technical, financial and humanitarian support and to prevent losses in order to provide safe and healthy working environments at all stages of production, transportation and other services starting from the supply of raw materials.

In this context;To prevent accidents, injuries and various health problems by keeping working environments and processes healthy and safe, Preventing occupational diseases by prioritizing employee health, We plan to make safe manufacturing by identifying and systematically managing occupational health and safety risks,
we are carrying out studies to measure and increase the performance of the occupational health and safety management system, To ensure that all our employees receive the necessary trainings for their health and safety, To spread the safety culture within the Company with the participation of employees, To ensure that the occupational health and safety management system is in compliance with legal and other conditions, with the participation of its representative.


Sertsan Civata; At all stages of its activities, it aims to continuously develop with a resource and waste management system that will prevent environmental risks by meeting the technical requirements necessary to achieve environmental principles and targets.

In this context; To determine the resource consumption and the amount of waste that may occur in each production stage and to control it with the necessary support and to prevent the damages to the environment by developing recycling methods, to provide the necessary trainings to our employees on environmental and waste management, and to measure our performance towards the protection of the environment. We are committed to continuous improvement, to ensure the efficient use of energy, water and recyclable materials, to reduce the consumption of natural resources, to improve environmental performance and improve recovery methods in accordance with legal and other conditions to ensure continuous improvement.