Bolts In the general technic, they are the most important fasteners that connect two or more pieces of the same kind or other types and can be released so that they can be reconnected if desired.

In order for the connection to function in operation, the bolt and construction must be calculated and constructed with the necessary experience and technical knowledge. Calculating the bolt precisely and precisely is not done in daily construction and does not bring any profit even if the calculation is made. In practice, bolts are selected and used with the help of tables. If necessary, detailed and precise control is performed. Here are a few examples of daily manufacturing applications. It is up to the builder to tell him how to do the calculation. Calculation path The load first comes to a bolt. For the selection of the bolt, the force of the bolt, the longitudinal force that forces the bolt and the nominal diameter of the bolt are selected from the table according to the quality of the bolt material.
1. Connected parts must be tightened to max. it is checked whether it can withstand the surface pressure under the effect of the pre-tensioning force. If the connected parts cannot withstand the surface pressure, the precaution must be selected. For example: using washers made of material with a higher surface pressure (GG 20).

2. The clamping force required to prevent the contacting surfaces of the connection is present, and this value is compared to the clamping force to be reached by the bolt. If it is not enough, the selection of the required bolt and the calculation must be carried out from the beginning again.

3. Roughly check the bolt.