SERTSAN CİVATA is a leading fasteners manufacturer with experience, quality, customer satisfaction, technical services offered before and after sales, and company warranty. We produce in a large machine shop at our location in Turkey. Our product portfolio includes 36000 items that are all quickly available through the logistics centre. SERTSAN developes the products completely in-house and tests them repeatedly in the quality control. All products work reliably, have a long service life and long-term availability. Ergonomics and stability are for us the focal point of every new developement. In our SERTSAN catalogue you will only find products of which we are 100% convinced.
Sertsan Civata, is entirely dedicated to producing the finest quality fasteners while paying utmost attention to customer satisfaction. Here in Sertsan, we are committed to maintaining this attitude by offering our current and prospective customers the best services with our experienced and specialized personel.
Sertsan, your very own fasteners supplier. TRUST IN SERTSAN 

Sertsan Civata, We are not compromise on quality in manufacturing fasteners and prioritizes customer satisfaction, we are continuening to provide the best service to our customers with our experiences and expert staff.