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   Company Profile

    Sertsan Civata is one of the leader firms in fasteners sector through experiment, quality, customer satisfaction, before and its providing technical services, after sales service and firm guarantee.

   Our firm actives in fasteners field and manufactures high resistant, abrasion resistant, resistant to high temperature, 10.9 -12.9 and 14.9 quality screw, nuts, bolts, pins and other fasteners. Our machinery plant that we use while manufacturing is advance technology and every year, we apply new investments to enlarge our product range.

   Our manufactured products are used at/by Machinery Manufacturers, Hydraulic Crane, Hydraulic Cylinder, Stone-rock Crashing Machines, Bridge, Barrage, Thermal Reactors, Hydroelectric Centrals, Work – Heavy Duty Machines, depending manufacturing and sub industry.

   Sertsan Civata works extremely precisely and elaborately from raw material stage to finished product stage at its manufacturing processes. Our firm manufactures all its 100% products by hot forging method and then applies them to machining process. Beside this our products are 100% symmetric and at the same linearity.

   Sertsan Cıvata that never makes concession from quality at fasteners manufacturing and keep forefront the customer satisfaction will continue to give the best service to its customers, with experienced and expert personnel.









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